About Us

Our goal is to promote, enhance and facilitate trade, investment and economic initiatives between the Republika of Srpska and Israel.
Through a focus on the strengths and opportunities of both the Srpska and Israeli markets, the Srpska Republika Representative works to develop strategic bilateral partnerships by identifying exciting new investment opportunities and joint initiatives.
Based in Jerusalem, The Srpska Repulika Representative is responsible for managing and directing strategic relations in the fields of trade, health, tourism, energy, water, industry, and more, by attracting and encouraging Israeli and other international investments.

  • Assisting the industry of the Republika of Srpska in deepening its activity in existing markets and penetrating new markets
  • Establishing relations in the fields of culture, tourism, health, infrastructures, and more.
  • Identifying potential business opportunities and developing strategic cooperation
  • Introducing and facilitating trade and commercial investments in the Srpska market to potential Israeli and foreign investors.
  • For these purposes, the Srpska Republika Representative works closely with the government of the Republika of Srpska.

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